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    Digital Marketing Intern

    Elkridge, MD

    Apply For Our Paid Digital Marketing Internship

    We want you to be the next member of the WebMechanix team with an internship designed to kickstart your career in digital marketing.

    Why we want you

    Digital marketing talent is in high demand. Every business needs it, but there’s not enough skilled marketers to go around.

    Schools prepare candidates the best they can, but when you’re working in an industry that changes faster than underwear, textbooks can only offer so much.

    So, we invited individuals to train with our team and gain valuable industry experience.

    Description of position

    We’re looking for individuals who want to get hands-on experience with:

    • Search engine optimization (helping sites show up on Google)
    • Online advertising (buying adspace and creating compelling ads)
    • Website usability (simplifying website experiences)
    • Analytics reporting (making sense of website data — visits, clicks, etc.)
    • Content creation (developing cool content that attracts eyeballs)
    • Email marketing (you probably know this one…)

    Details of employment

    Where to direct questions

    If you have any questions about the apprenticeship, then please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 443-927-7195 x7.

    WebMechanix is an EOE/AA employer. We encourage M/F/V/D to apply.

    Apply Now
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