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    Expanding From Local Retail Into E-commerce

    For 21 months leading up to this project, WebMechanix engaged in a Digital Marketing relationship with Nelson Coleman Jewelers—an established local, family-owned jewelry business. During that time, the WebMechanix team took great efforts to learn and understand their business.?Much of that prior work?was spent optimizing the existing website, so ensuring those efforts were not lost with the design of a new e-commerce website was important. From experience, the most successful website redesigns occur when design, development, and marketing work in concert, and WebMechanix was excited to bring all three components together for this project.

    We understood going in that soon a majority of the website’s visitors would be using mobile devices and the potential impact that would have on traffic and conversion. The Nelson Coleman team also made clear their interest in expanding the functionality of the website to incorporate an e-commerce platform that can grow with the business over the next few years. With a new website that has organized, easy-to-find content, advanced design and functionality, and a simple CMS (including product inventory and order management), Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ customers know they’re making the right choice.

    Business Goals & Challenges

    1. Make the website as future-proof as possible
    2. Create an e-commerce system that’s easy to use and maintain
    3. Start small and scale e-commerce product offerings over time
    4. Use Responsive Design methodology to support mobile devices
    5. Reduce bulkiness with an intuitive Information Architecture
    6. Showcase best-selling products
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